The Acts2 Church Community

Welcome to Gracepoint

For many of us, college was a momentous and decisive time: Christ’s all-consuming call to discipleship grabbed a hold of our hearts and our lives, and we experienced the richness of a biblical, counter-cultural Christian community. It’s an experience we want to replicate for others – an Acts 2 church in every college town. And so, we focus on college ministry, plant churches in college towns, and encourage every one of our members to live in loving sacrificial service and ministry.

New to Christianity, or not yet a Christ follower, but interested in what religion is all about? We invite you to “come and see” for yourself: the Bible, the God who reveals Himself, and the spiritual community of the church.

Gracepoint’s congregation is predominantly Asian American, but we are slowly becoming more multi-ethnic in composition. Our church is part of Gracepoint Ministries, the family of all our ministries across different cities. Currently, we have ministries in Davis, Austin, Minneapolis, Riverside, San Diego and Hsinchu, Taiwan.

We are a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and a part of the East Bay Baptist Association.

Gracepoint Berkeley