Praxis is comprised of post-graduate singles and couples, many of whom have made Gracepoint Berkeley their spiritual home. Praxis (pronounced ‘prak-sis) is Latin for the practical application of a theory. All our heartfelt commitments to Christ (theory) meet reality as we live life in the “real world” of work, finances, entertainment, friends, courtship, marriage, and family (practical application).

We frequently refer to Praxis as the backbone of Gracepoint Berkeley, the behind-the-scenes people who keep the church running and shoulder much of the work so the good things that happen at church happen smoothly, week in and week out: Worship Service elements and setup, prayer meetings, audio/video for all our events, stage lighting, videos, all the good food, and much, much more. We’re a mobile church with events-on-the-go, and Praxis folks seldom stand around idle. In fact, they’re also the ones who are involved our Interhigh regional youth ministry, bring weekly Worship Service to the elderly at local senior homes, welcome visiting scholars and their families to UC Berkeley, and support the ministries and needs of our various church plants.

So, how do we keep it up and not burn out? Growing joy in the gospel, and growing love for each other as we live it out together in spiritual community. The gospel that captured many of our hearts while we were in college anchors us in this new season of life. It breathes greater personal commitment and zeal as we build the Acts 2 dream, working and living shoulder to shoulder, a day at a time.

Gracepoint Berkeley